Conventional aluminum exterior post trailer, very shiny

Conventional™ Exterior Post End Dump Trailer

This model is designed for durability and function. Choose from a variety of optional equipment to add the specific features you need to do the job at hand. We offer frame type or frameless, available in lengths from 19 to 40 feet with capacities up to 100 cubic yards. You can also order aluminum or steel for the body or chassis.

Aluminum walking floor trailer with conventional exterior post design

Walking Floor® Trailer

We offer aluminum walking floor® trailers that come in lengths up to 53 feet and capacities up to 125 cubic yards. Various Keith®brand floors and other options are available. Air-ride or spring suspension, manual or electric tarp systems, and many other features can be incorporated to meet your specifications.

Rage Double Trailer

Rage™ End Dump Trailer

This trailer features a lightweight design with a low center of gravity. These aluminum trailers can be built for maximum payload when hauling processed aggregates, sand, or gravel. They are available in lengths from 19 to 40 feet.

Aluminum platform trailer

Platform Trailer

Our platform trailer is one of the lightest trailers on the market for optimum payload and the best return on your investment. All 6061-T6 aluminum construction with the main beam camber cut longitudinally and welded in the neutral axis combine to achieve a superior low-stress design. Platform trailers are available in lengths from 40 to 53 feet with capacities up to 72,000 pounds in six feet. All popular options are offered, including sliding tarp side kits.

aluminum drop deck trailer

Aluminum Drop Deck Trailer

We manufacture aluminum single and double drop trailers with overall lengths up to 53 feet. The front and rear upper decks are built to meet your particular needs. Air-ride tandem or tridem suspensions are available, along with a host of special features that can be added to meet your specific requirements.

Warrior Steel End Dump Trailer

These trailers are built with AR450 high strength steel, designed to handle large rock, demolition, and just about anything else you may have.  An elliptical shape allowing additional floor crossmembers or without, provides the strength and smooth material flow you require.  Equipped with a pneumatic hi-lift tailgate, even loads higher than the side height ejects with ease.  Available in lengths from 22ft to 39ft, with various side heights, material thicknesses, and suspension options.

Revelation™ Trailer

Our Revelation double-wall smooth side aluminum dump trailer provides a smooth exterior for better fuel economy, and protection from interior dents showing on the outside. Extruded vertical panels interlock to form an exterior free of welds and a smooth surface for applying your company’s name or other graphics.

Truck & Tractor Accessories

Accessories are a great way to get more out of your truck or trailer. We offer cabs guards, fenders, toolboxes, hydraulic wet lines, fifth wheels, lift axles, and more. Call for info on our full line of products, or shop online at