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™ Smooth Side End Dump

Exterior Post End Dump

Scholar Body Our double wall smooth side aluminum body gives you improved aerodynamics for better fuel economy and a clear surface for your company name or other graphics. Unlike anything on the market, we have pioneered a truly smooth exterior without any joints or grooves. The unique construction allows superior function and durability. And in the event of accidental damage, the construction allows for easy repairs, unlike the competitor models.

Conventional End DumpDesigned for durability and function in crossmember or unibody construction. Various optional equipment is available to provide the features you need to do the job.

Platform Body

End Dump

Platform BodyAvailable 8 to 26 feet long as end dump or stationary designs. Your design and features you choose made to order as you imagined.

Rage End DumpFeatures a lightweight design with a low center of gravity. Our aluminum models can be built for maximum payload when hauling processed aggregates, sand, or gravel. Our steel models can be built with thinner, lightweight AR450 steel to maximize your payload without concern for the commodity being hauled. Our heavy-duty AR450 models are ideal for the large rock, quarry or demolition jobs. Available in lengths from 10 feet to 27 feet.

Aluminum Mechanic Service and Crane Bodies

Truck and Tractor Accessories

Aluminum Service BodyWe offer a virtually unlimited combination of compartments and designs that consist of a single or double wall door construction. All models are custom built for the user and are typically 30% lighter than competitors' steel units. The lightweight construction saves fuel and eliminates corrosion concerns. The models come standard with unpainted bright aluminum, and polyurethane finishes are available in any color. We also offer aluminum crane pedestals up to 20,000 pounds capacity and various models of lift gates. Interior and exterior lights are installed to any specification including emergency strobes and flashers.

AccessoriesCab guards, fenders, tool boxes, hydraulic wet lines, fifth wheels, lift axles and more.